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Currently Excavator.US is offering several choices for utilizing this domain.

1. Buy

2. Lease
$2000.00 per month
1 year minimum lease. At anytime during your lease you may purchase the domain at the Buy price.  A lease entitles you to total control of the site content during the contract.

3. Rent an ad space on the homepage
$100.00- $800.00 Pre Launch Sale!!! $5-$80 per month
20 spaces available. (see ad locations and pricing)
Rent is on a month to month basis.  You may however lock in your price by paying for multiple months in advance. In the event the domain is bought or leased you will be refunded any unused payments at the end of that months contract. The buyer may choose to continue sales of ad spaces.

NOTE: These prices are subject to change at any time with these exceptions.
Once any option above is purchased, that price will not change as long as it is in effect. Lease prices will not change once locked in until that contract expires.
A lease extension may be refused at any time.
If a lease is in effect and someone buy's Excavator.US, the buyer may not take control of the domain until the lease is;
1. Terminated buy contract date.
2. An agreement is made to purchase the remaining lease from the current lease holder.

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